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Here’s The Meaning Of Oscar-Winning Song ‘Naatu Naatu’ From ‘RRR’



nattu nattu song meaning

nattu nattu song meaning

Naatu Naatu is the first song from an Indian film nominated for an Oscar and it made history by winning at the Oscars 2023. The song, from the Indian action blockbuster movie RRR, is also the first song in the Telugu language nominated for an Oscar. It won Best Original Song, the first Telugu song to win the award. It surpassed the songs of top artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Dianne Warren. Everyone is curious about the RRR’s Naatu Naatu song meaning.

Naatu Naatu has become an international phenomenon after the energetic song and dance number hit the screens in the Indian action epic RRR. The crazy and challenging dance sequence and the fast-paced tempo of the song won the hearts of both fans and critics.

This is not the first time that the epic movie RRR featuring the lead actor N.T.Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan received international recognition. Before bagging an Oscar, the film received a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2023 Golden Globes and won Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu.


Naatu Naatu winning an Oscar has raised a lot of curiosity among people. They want to know what the title of the award-winning piece of music means.

In the Telugu language, Naatu Naatu roughly translates to “dance dance” in English. But it has a deeper meaning. The movie was mostly filmed in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Telugu is the language spoken mainly where the movie RRR is centered. About the award-winning song director, S.S. Rajamouli commented:

“For me, Naatu Naatu one of the reasons why I think it is such a hit is not just because of the music, not just because of the dance, because there is a beautiful story in itself. The entire story of RRR is within that 10 minutes of Naatu Naatu lead scene and the complete song. No one in America or across the world really knows the meaning of the lyrics but it is the catchiness of the lyric, the way, the flows. I think the credit should be given to Chandrabose, the lyricist.”

RRR has been dubbed into several Indian languages and released across the Indian subcontinent. Hence, the song’s title and lyrics will depend on whatever version you listen to. For example, the song is called Naacho Naacho in the Hindi version of the movie. In Kannada, it is Halli Naatu, In Tamil, it is called Naathu Koothu, and the song is called Karinthol in Malayalam.

The talented singers of Naatu Naatu, Rahul Sipligunj, and Kaala Bhairava performed during the 95th Academy Awards telecast. When the performance was announced, singer Sipligunj wrote on Instagram,

“This is going to be [an] unforgettable moment in my life.”

naatu naatu oscar performance

Now, what is Naatu Naatu song meaning?

The meaning of “Naatu means ethnicity, ethnic.” According to Reuters, the composer M.M. Keeravani said,

“Whatever I do is purely mine. It’s my own experience, it’s my own way of expression. These are my words, this is my style, look at me, this is who I am.”

In another interview with the New York Times, Keeravani added,

“It’s a word that says ‘something of our own, our own culture.’”

But songwriter Chandrabose had a different interpretation of the meaning. He said,

“Naatu means raw and rustic.”

He added,

“Everything I wrote in the song is from my childhood memories of my life and my parents. That’s why I created it very fast.”

In the film, Raju (Ram Charan) and Bheem (N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) are bullied for being the only Indian attendees of a British colonial party. When they are insulted by a British man who insults them by saying,

“Look at all these brown buggers. What do they know about art? About finesse? About dance? Tango, swing, flamenco? Can you do any of these?”

Raju replies,

“Not salsa, not flamenco, my brother. Do you know naatu?”

This is when the Naatu Naatu performance takes place and they start singing and start their epic dance-off!


Here is what the “Naatu Naatu” lyrics mean in English,

[Verse 1]

Like the lead dancer dancing at a local goddess’s festival

Like an aggressive bull jumping in the dust of the fields

Like the main dancer dancing at the festival of a local goddess

Like playing with the stick while wearing wooden slippers

Like a bunch of young boys gathering in the shade of a banyan tree

Like eating a roti jowar with a chilli.

Listen to my song (x3)


Let’s dance, dance, dance/crazy dance

Let’s dance, dance, dance/wild dance

Dance as if you have eaten green chilies/dance like a sharp dagger

[Verse 2]

Like beating a drum that makes your heart beat faster

Like the shrill voice of a bird that can ring your ears

Like singing a song that can make your fingers snap to the beat

Like the wild dance when there’s a fast beat

Like the dance that makes your body sweat

Listen to my song (x3)


Let’s dance, dance, and dance/let’s dance, crazy dance

Let’s dance, dance, and dance/let’s dance, wild dance

Let’s dance, like the sharp plough

Let’s dance, dance and dance/let’s dance, like the humidity

[Verse 3]

Jump violently which will shake the earth

The life force inside of you should dance with joy

So jump until the dust rises in the air. Let’s dance.

(translation using Priyanka P. Nair on YouTube and The Times of India’s translations as reference)

Naatu Naatu actually translates more to “raw, unpolished.” Primarily, they’re describing their dance as “Naatu.”

naatu naatu choreographer

Do you know where the song Naatu Naatu was filmed?

Naatu Naatu was filmed at the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv, Ukraine before Russia’s invasion.

Prem Rakshith choreographed the dance moves for the song. He has worked with Rajamouli, lead actors Ram Charan, and Jr. NTR, previously. Speaking about the steps of the song, director Rajamouli said:

“[Prem] gave one of the most memorable numbers for both of them. He knows their style, exactly what their body language is. He exactly knows what their fans expect out of them. Here he has a very difficult job because here both the actors have to dance together, each of them has their own style but he has to find out a style, which will suit both of them. A dancing style which would be not complicated because I also wanted him to figure out steps which people would like to do themselves.”

naatu naatu oscars

We couldn’t be more proud to hear about the news of RRR receiving a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and winning Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu at the 2023 Golden Globes. But Naatu Naatu winning an Oscar is like a dream come true.

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Here’s What Dhruv Jurel Said After Sunil Gavaskar Made, ‘Another MS Dhoni’ Remark About Him



Sunil Gavaskar calls Dhruv Jurel ,

Sunil Gavaskar calls Dhruv Jurel , 'Another MS Dhoni'

Team India played against England on Monday in Ranchi. After the team’s performance in Gabba in 2021, they marked their first successful fourth-innings chase of more than 150 runs as the team chased down 192 runs in the match. One of the major reasons behind India’s win was Dhruv Jurel’s effective knock of 90 runs against England. On day 3, Jurel’s outstanding knock reduced India’s deficit from 134 to only 46 runs. The 76-run stand between Jurel and Kuldeep Yadav left the England team threatened. The wicketkeeper-batter scored his maiden fifty and also made a massive triple-figure score for the Indian team.

jurel in day 3

For his impressive performance on the field, Jurel was praised by former India captain Sunil Gavaskar, who drew MS Dhoni comparisons

He earned the highest-ever praise from Gavaskar after India ended Day 3 with a big smile on their faces. While on commentary, Gavaskar compared Jurel’s inspiring game awareness to that of the legendary Dhoni. And it wasn’t just because of just batting in the fourth Test. Gavaskar was not only happy with Jurel’s batting in the fourth test but also immensely impressed with Jurel’s wicketkeeping. Gavaskar reckons that the youngster “is another MS Dhoni in the making.”

Gavaskar said,

“Of course he has batted well, but his keeping, his work behind the stumps has been equally brilliant. Just by looking at his game awareness, I want to say that he is another MS Dhoni in the making. I know there can never be another MSD but you know the presence of mind that he has, MSD also when he started, it was that. And Jurel has that game awareness. Street-smart cricketer”

Sunil-Gavaskar on jurel

Dhruv Jurel also responded to Gavaskar’s high words about him

In the post-day press conference at the JSCA International Stadium, when Jurel was made aware of Gavaskar’s words, he revealed that there was no clear instruction given by the team management on how to approach the play.

He said,

“Obviously it’s a good feeling to hear a legend like Sunil Gavaskar talk about me. The mood was great, there were no specific instructions… just to go out and play. Watch the ball and play. Just that the long I play the better it is.”

Jurel also admitted that there were no regrets about missing his century. He said,

“I don’t regret a bit on missing the hundred. It’s my debut Test series, I’m just desperate to lift this trophy in my hands. It’s always a childhood dream to play for India in Tests”


We also agree that Jurel’s performance was indeed praiseworthy. What are your views about Jurel being compared to Dhoni? Let us know in the comments.

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Here’s The Truth Behind The Viral Video Of A Yogi Meditating In The Snowy Peaks Of Himachal Pradesh



Here’s The Truth Behind The Viral Video Of A Yogi Meditating In The Snowy Peaks Of Himachal Pradesh

Diwali captions for Instagram

The Himalayas, with their awe-inspiring peaks and daunting terrains, have long been a haven for spiritual seekers known as yogis. Through the hard practice of tapasya, these individuals set out on a profound path of self-discovery and enlightenment. It entails severe austerities, prolonged meditation, and a close bond with the natural world. With their severe weather and untamed scenery, the Himalayas offer the ideal setting for these yogis to explore the depths of their awareness and discover spiritual revelations.

However, finding such a kind of yogi in Kalyug is a hard task. It is because very few people in Kalyug wanted to become yogis for enlightenment. That’s why whenever we hear or see something like yogis who are actually doing “Kadi Tapasya,” we first doubt the authenticity of the claims.

Something similar happened with the recent viral video of such a kind of yogi. The viral video depicting a yogi meditating amidst the snow-clad mountains has stirred a wave of skepticism on the internet.

yogi in snow

The reality behind the viral of Yogi doing “Kadi Tapasya” in the middle of the snow-clad mountains

Unsurprisingly, the video was tainted by rumors, which ranged from claims that it was staged to speculations that it may have been produced by artificial intelligence (AI). However, a spiritual group called Kaulantak Peeth, has come out to confirm the authenticity of the footage. A group, with its headquarters in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, identified the concerned yogi, Satyendra Nath.

Kaulantak Peeth claims that Satyendra Nath has long been an essential member of their spiritual group. The video, which went viral on social media, was apparently taken by Rahul, a follower of Satyendra Nath. Rahul used to go to the icy spot with him.

Explaining the reality behind the video, Kaulantak Peeth revealed that Satyendra Nath was on a month-long trip to the Seraj Valley, Kullu in February. This was when an unexpected and intense snowstorm developed over the area. Rahul and another disciple, Savarninath, then brought this to Satyendra Nath’s notice.

In the now-viral video, Satyendra Nath is seen profoundly in meditation amidst the snow-capped mountains during an unexpected blizzard. According to Rahul, they went to meet Satyendra Nath to tell him about the weather. To their surprise, they found him in deep concentration, which is why they took a video of the amazing sight. Rahul said,

“But when we went to speak to Satyendra Nath, we found him in a state of deep meditation in the snow-capped mountains. So, we decided to record his video.”

Here is the viral video

Who is Satyendra Nath?

Satyendra Nath is often referred to by his devotees as Ishputra. As the leader of Kaulantak Peeth, Ishputra has a prominent role within the religious sect. Ishnath, his master, was a devout practitioner of the Himalayan yoga lineage. Kaulantak Peeth, under the guidance of Ishputra, has amassed a following in over eight nations. Not only this, but it also encourages the practice of yoga and other devotional practices.

Speaking about Satyendra Nath, Savarninath revealed that he has been diligently practicing Agni Yoga for the last twenty-two years.


According to Kaulantak Peeth, the widely shared video is not an isolated incident. The Peeth added that students have shot other films of Satyendra Nath in meditative states amid the Himalayan scenery.

The spiritual organization’s endorsement of the video’s authenticity lends further mystery to Satyendra Nath’s long-standing meditation techniques in the difficult yet beautiful Himalayan terrain.

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Man Shares Fake iPhone 15 Delivered By Amazon; Here’s What The Company Said In Response



Amazon fake iphone delivery

Amazon fake iphone delivery

The excitement of ordering a high-end electronic gadget online knows no bounds but it also makes us skeptical about the originality of the product. When we invest a large amount of money in getting an expensive gadget, we hope that we do not fall prey to a scam-ridden online marketplace.

Often, dissatisfied customers take to social media to complain about wrong, defective, and fake products delivered from e-commerce sites. They also complain about the delayed response from customer service representatives. But, the companies appear to take quick action when the cases are emphasized on social media.

fake iphone 15 amazon

A well-known social media user ‘Gabbar Singh’ recently took to the social media platform ‘X’ and complained about receiving a ‘fake’ iPhone 15 from Amazon

The user who has almost 1.5 million X followers shared his ordeal of receiving a fake product with his recent Amazon purchase. He shared the alarming incident with others by posting a picture of the device.

Sharing the image of the fake iPhone 15 delivered by Amazon, the entrepreneur posted,

Waah @amazonIN delivered a Fake iPhone 15. Seller is Appario. Tagged with “Amazon choice” No cable in the box. Total Dabba. Has anyone faced similar issue?

The post by the social media influencer went viral, prompting a response from Amazon

The e-commerce giant responded to Gabbar Singh’s post. Amazon Help assured him that they would get back to him with an update about the grievance within 6-12 hours. The post read,

“@GabbbarSingh We’re sorry to know that you received an incorrect product in the package”

In a follow-up post, Gabbar wrote,

Have filled the form. Pls initiate a return.

Amazon Help responded,

Thank you for confirming. Please wait for 6-12 hours and our Social Media team will get back to you with a resolution via email. Your patience is appreciated

Other users started sharing their grievances with Amazon in the comment section

After going viral Gabbar Singh’s post got 1 million views, serving as a warning for online shoppers everywhere.

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