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Meet IPS Officer Amit Lodha Who Inspired Netflix’s Khakee



Amit Lodha IPS Officer

Amit Lodha IPS Officer

Netflix’s Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is out on the platform and it is safe to say that it has totally wooed the audience. The plot of the series revolves around the classic ‘chor-police’ drama. However, many viewers are unaware that the show is actually inspired by a real-life IPS officer and his heroic escapades. We are talking about the unsung hero and IPS officer Amit Lodha.

While some of you might know about the courageousness of Amit Lodha many don’t. At the time when Bihar was steeped in criminality, officer Lodha was there to be the righteous cop. If you are curious to know all about IPS officer Amit Lodha who inspired Netflix’s original: Khakee then read on.

The backstory of valiant IPS Officer Amit Lodha

At the time when Amit was a baby, a fortune teller told his family that he would grow up to become a big splash in the world of crime. By becoming an IPS officer he indeed turned out to be one. However, the journey was not an easy one. Back in 2019, Amit did an interview with Better India where he revealed that he has always been a very weak and shy kid.

IPS Amit Lodha

Academically he first opted to crack the IIT exams which he did on his first attempt. However, he shared that the “inferiority complex” kicked in once he reached the campus of IIT Delhi. It made him label his experience as “terrible”. He said as we quote,

“I failed at everything. I suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world. My grades were the worst, and my interpersonal relations poor. My friends liked me for the goodness of heart. But even they stayed away from me because I was quiet and perceived to be strange. Never invited to parties or the first choice for sharing rooms. I could never fit in.”

Nonetheless, he had to prove himself. The hard luck at IIT gave him the impetus to prepare and crack the UPSC examinations.

IPS Amit Lodha UPSC rank

IPS Officer Amit Lodha was allotted the Bihar cadre, kilometers away from his birthplace

Belonging to the batch of 1997 IPS officers officer Amit Lodhi was posted in the Begusarai district of Bihar. It was kilometers away from his birthplace, Rajasthan. He was there during the worst days of Bihar when it was sinking in the ugliness of corruption and crime. It was the time when even elites like doctors, engineers, and businessmen were hesitant to visit Bihar.

They were scared because nobody knew when they or any member of their family would get kidnapped or worse still, shot at. Many Naxal activities used to take place around the areas of Begusarai. He shared one of his experiences from there,

“When I reached the spot, the firing had already begun. My DSP and police jawans were crawling through the mud walk. On my fours, I did the same. Since there was no pakka road, i crawled to the nearest house until i realised it was the same location where the firing was happening. My bodyguard was shot too. The encounter lasted three hours, and my team and I cracked down on nine of them, including three women. We also managed to save the two jawans who were severely injured and recovered huye wars of cash and weapons.”

Cracking this Naxal case successfully made him receive the Police Gallantry Medal

Known as the ‘Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura’, one of Bihar’s most dreaded criminals, who had murdered over 40 people, including an ex-Member of Parliament, and a Block Development Officer, killed 15 people in two nights. The most wanted criminal was on the run for close to five years

It was his nabbing of the ‘Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura’ that gave him the tag of “National Star”. After a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase and plenty of smart thinking, officer Amit managed to get his hands on this most wanted convict.

Amit lodha awards

His family’s support during those daring times

When one decides to join the force, it also means putting your life on the line, which can be termed as a professional hazard. So, their family’s support means a lot to them.

Lodha once stated that his wife has always been strong in spite of looking delicate, he mentioned,

“Luckily, my wife, Tanu, is very level-headed. She may look simple and delicate, but she is strong. When I go for Naxal raids, she is the one first one to hand me my gun. And with a confidence that even I cannot fathom at times, she asks, ‘When you return in the evening, should I make aloo parathas?’ She believes that I will return safely. And it may be a small thing, but it makes all the difference,”

amit lodha wife

After hearing Amit Lodha’s story, writer Neeraj Pandey felt that it needs to be told

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is the latest from the chor-police genre. Written by Neeraj Pandey and directed by Bhav Dhulia, Khakee draws from the Bihar Diaries, the second novel written by officer Amit Lodha. The series is set during the time of 2000 to 2006 when a battle is going on in Bihar among the police, politicians, and criminals.

The character of Chandan Mahto is based on the real-life gangster Pintu Mahto, who was part of the Ashok Mahto gang.  However, for inspector general Lodha, it is just another day to be a righteous cop.

Writer Neeraj Pandey talked about his meeting with IPS officer Amit Lodha and shared that,

“The project was born the moment I met Amit Lodha for the first time and heard his story. I knew at the very beginning that this was a story that needed to be told. We bought the book rights before Amit even began writing it and everything fell into place thereon. We had the perfect director, writer, and cast on board and it made the storytelling a lot more easier.”

amit lodha bihar diaries

Here are some words of wisdom from the top police officer

Lodha says,

“If you are an aspiring civil servant, do not enter the service with thoughts about the lal batti or associated benefits. The intent has to be to serve. The Government of India is giving you a chance to make a difference and get paid for it too. Despite that, if you think about your own bungalow, car, and benefits–you are making a mistake. When you join the service, wherever you are posted, whether in the most underdeveloped village or the most urbane settings, go and serve. Don’t fall prey to glamour. Of course, there are pitfalls, challenges, and threats to your life. But you chose this. So deal with it, albeit with confidence.”

He also adds,

“To those who complain that the system doesn’t let them work, remember it is you and I that make up this system. No one’s asking you to be Singham or Dabangg. I find time for my family, write blogs, listen to Kishore Kumar, all while working. The idea is to work within the system and help others reach their maximum potential. I firmly believe in teamwork. Of course I lead them, but they deliver. No police officer can take credit entirely without his team of unsung heroes who help execute every mission. Our system may not be ideal, but there is enough power in the law, the IPC, and the CrPC. If we abide by them, we can do a lot.”

amit lodha current posting

The character of officer Amit Lodha is played by dapper Karan Tacker who believes in honesty and the importance of a badge. This Bhav Dhulia directorial also stars actors like Ashutosh Rana, Ravi Kishan, and Anup Soni among others. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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From Sleeping With Salman Khan To Being Blamed For Shekhar Kapur’s Divorce



Preity Zinta salman khan

Preity Zinta salman khan

Preity Zinta is among the most attractive, extraordinarily talented, well-educated, and successful performers in Hindi film history, ranking right up there with the best.

With roles in movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Veer Zaara, Koi Mil Gaya, and Kal Ho Naa Ho, the actress has won over many fans. She also dominated the big screen at a time when there were a lot of talented actresses in the business.

In addition to her acting profession, Zinta is a businesswoman and a joint owner of the Indian Premier League franchise Kings XI Punjab. She has actively supported several philanthropic causes and organizations, and she has won numerous honors for her work in social activism in Indian film.

Being recognized as one of Bollywood’s most gifted and adaptable actresses, Preity Zinta has had a major influence inside and outside the Indian entertainment industry. However, her personal life is not as good as always as it now seems.

Preity G Zinta/Instagram

She has now married Preity Zinta Gene Goodenough, shattering the hearts of countless people. The lovely couple are also the parents of twins. While her life seems so beautiful now, her past is full of controversies.

1. When a non-bailable warrant for Preity Zinta’s arrest was issued by a magistrate

With the release of the movie Ishkq in Paris in 2013, Preity Zinta took on the role of producer for the first time in her career. However, the movie’s box office performance was a complete failure.

However, things got worse when the movie’s dialogue writer, Abbas Tyrewala, launched a lawsuit against Preity Zinta after his payment checks for Rs. 18.9 lakh bounced. A non-bailable warrant was issued against the actress when she failed to appear in court shortly after the plaintiff filed his lawsuit.

Ishkq in Paris Abbas Tyrewala

2. When Preity Zinta became enraged because Tusshar Kapoor used her name for “cosmetic surgery” on Koffee With Karan

Tusshar Kapoor made an appearance on a 2011 episode of Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar’s celebrity chat show. The actor was asked to give the first name that comes to mind when he hears the phrase “cosmetic surgery” during the show’s rapid-fire portion. Tusshar made a mistake by using Preity Zinta’s name in his hasty response to the query, which got him into trouble.

Preity Zinta called and allegedly criticized the actor for using her name and guessing that she had undergone a cosmetic procedure even before the program was broadcast on television. Tusshar eventually amended his remarks and acknowledged in public during an interview that it was all in good fun, but Preity took it too seriously and was offended.

preity zinta tusshar kapoor

3. When Preity Zinta accused Ness Wadia of molesting her

Preity Zinta accused her ex-boyfriend, Ness Wadia, of molestation in 2014. The announcement shocked the whole country since there had been widespread rumors that the couple would shortly be married. However, after nearly four years, Preity finally consented to end the lawsuit when Ness made good on his vow to apologize.

Preity Zinta Ness Wadia marriage

4. When Preity Zinta was blamed for Shekhar Kapur’s divorce

In 1999, Shekhar Kapur, a well-regarded director, married Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. The couple welcomed a daughter named Kaveri Kapur into the world. But sadly, Shekhar Kapur’s reported romance with Preity Zinta led to the dissolution of their wedding in 2006.

For those who are unaware, Shekhar Kapur and Preity Zinta were very close friends. However, they were more than simply close friends, according to Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Shekhar’s second wife. She also added that their relationship caused problems for her and Shekhar’s marriage. Preity refuted the claims, stating that Suchitra wasn’t mentally sound.

Preity Zinta Shekhar Kapur Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

5. When Salman Khan supposedly acknowledged having a relationship with Preity Zinta while seeing Aishwarya Rai

Rumors of Preity Zinta and Salman Khan becoming romantically involved abounded while they were shooting Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. However, since everyone was aware of Salman’s committed relationship with Aishwarya Rai, the rumors didn’t garner much attention.

But in 2001, an audio recording that was an alleged chat between Aishwarya and Salman was leaked, in which Salman was purportedly heard confessing to having slept with Preity Zinta.

The whole film business was stunned by the audio tape. But since there was no proof or evidence, the problem was quickly resolved. But to everyone’s astonishment, it wasn’t until Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan broke up in 2001 that rumors began to circulate that his closeness to Preity Zinta was the reason he split up with Aishwarya.

Salman Khan Preity Zinta affair

Despite suffering all these controversies, Preity Zinta is still living her life to the fullest!

Also read: After 5 Love Affairs And Heartbreaks, Preity Zinta Found Someone Who is Good Enough for Her

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Anand Mahindra Is Shocked To Know The Price Of Ambassador 50 Years Ago In 1972



Anand Mahindra Ambassador car

Anand Mahindra Ambassador car

Businessman Anand Mahindra is the head of the Mahindra Group, one of the biggest corporations in India. He is renowned for his active social media presence, where he offers his opinions and ideas on a variety of subjects, including business, technology, and social concerns.

Mahindra is famed for his insightful and hilarious tweets, which frequently go viral and get extensive media attention. With millions of followers on Twitter and other platforms, he is a well-known presence on social media.

Mahindra has established himself as a key figure in the discussion of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development because of his social media presence. His opinions frequently reflect his certain style of thinking.

1972 Ambassador Car

However, the business tycoon has suddenly broken this trend by tweeting his shock at the costs of a 1972 Ambassador and a Fiat Car.

In his tweet, Anand Mahindra wrote,

“This has plunged me into some ‘Sunday reminiscing.’ I was in JJ college at that time. Used to go by bus, but my mother occasionally allowed me to drive her blue Fiat. Even I can hardly believe this is what it cost at that time!”

Anand Mahindra shared a newspaper clipping containing information about the Ambassador and Fiat price increases in 1972

Have a look at his tweet:

Anand Mahindra’s post generated a flood of responses on social media. While many users draw attention to the consequences of inflation, others draw attention to the introduction of new models, which caused the price of existing automobiles to fall.

The tweet demonstrates that at the time, following a price increase, a Fiat 1100-D was priced at Rs 15,946 and an Ambassador at Rs 16,946.

Have a look at some of the reactions

For the uninitiated, both Ambassador and Fiat are well-known automobile brands in India and have a long history there. The Ambassador, which was frequently employed as a cab or official vehicle, was once the most well-liked car in India. Contrarily, Fiat has been around in India for more than a century and was among the first foreign automakers to set up shop there.

However, due to issues including outdated technology and design, a lack of brand investment, greater competition from newer, more contemporary cars, a limited number of models, subpar after-sales support, and increased rivalry from other automobile companies, both brands have seen a decline in popularity.

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11 Interesting Things About “Pathaan” You Probably Didn’t Know



Pathaan Facts

Pathaan Facts

Pathaan, which made it to the big screens on 25th January, has broken several records at the box office. It is the first Bollywood movie to have earned Rs. 100 crores on its opening day. Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the cinemas after such a long absence just added fuel to the fire and drew an unparalleled response from hungry fans and media.

The movie stars John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, also Ashutosh Rana and is a part of YRF’s spy universe. With the release, it seems to have surpassed everyone’s expectations. The SRK fans from all over the country have been brimming with excitement long before the release of the film. To celebrate its release, they performed a lot of extraordinary things like dancing in cinemas and going as far as installing massive billboards of the actor.

The plot of the film centers around the spy Pathaan played by Shah Rukh Khan, who emerges from exile to prevent Outfit X, a terrorist organization led by Jim played by John Abraham, from attacking India in a devastating manner.

Here are some interesting facts about Pathaan that you probably didn’t know:

1. The Action Director for Pathaan is none other than Casey O’Neill who has worked as the Stunt Coordinator for many Hollywood blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) 

pathaan action director casey o'neill

2. Pathaan became the first Indian film that was shot in Lake Baikal in Siberia, also the movie was shot in several locations across India, Afghanistan, UAE, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Italy, and France

pathaan shot in serbia

3. Shah Rukh Khan, in a scene from the film Pathaan, refers to a character called Karen as “K…K…K…Karen” with his infamous stutter from Darr (1993)

darr srk

4. Pathaan became the first Bollywood film that was shot with the help of IMAX cameras and it is also Yash Raj Films’ first-ever Dolby Cinema release

pathaan shot with IMAX cameras

5. Pathaan is Shah Rukh Khan’s first ever movie where he worked with John Abraham whereas John and Deepika Padukone have previously worked together in two other films before, them being Desi Boyz (2011) and Race 2 (2013)

srk and john abraham in pathaan

6. The director Siddharth Anand gave us many rom-coms like Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008), Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007), and Salaam Namaste (2005) before he delivered such action blockbusters like Bang Bang! (2014), War (2019), and, now, Pathaan (2023)

siddharth anand pathaan
Deccan Chronicle

7.  The famous song from the movie, Besharam Rang, was sampled from the song Hamen To Loot Liya Mil Ke Husn Walo Ne from the film Al Hilal (1958), the tune is somewhat similar to Koi Fariyaad from Tum Bin (2001) and Makeba by Jain

besharam rang

8. The person who directed the much-loved movie Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na (2008), Abbas Tyrewala, is also one of the writers of the film Pathaan

abbas tyrewala pathaan

9. Pathaan is SRK and Deepika’s fourth collaboration, Om Shanti Om (2007), Chennai Express (2013), and Happy New Year (2014) also coincidentally the music for all of these four films has been composed by none other than Vishal-Shekhar

deepika and srk in om shanti om

10. Nikhat Khan, the person who plays SRK’s foster mother in the movie is  actually Aamir Khan’s real sister

Nikhat khan in Pathaan

11. The other writer of Pathaan, Shridhar Raghavan, has also written the screenplay for the iconic TV show C.I.D. War (2019), Bluffmaster! (2005), and Khakee (2004)

sridhar_raghavan pathaan

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