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Know Why This Couple Is Suing Their Son & Bahu For Rs 5 Cr For Not Giving Them A Grandchild



Know Why This Couple Is Suing Their Son & Bahu For Rs 5 Cr For Not Giving Them A Grandchild

In India, the bond between grandparents and their grandchild seems very special. That’s why whenever someone’s child is getting married, all their parents want is a grandchild. It’s not that they don’t love their child so much but the grandchild holds a special place in each other’s hearts.

But sometimes, this love can be changed into obsession. The same happened recently. A couple has filed a court action against their son and daughter-in-law in Uttarakhand, requesting either a grandchild or Rs 5 crore in compensation. Yes, you heard it right!

The Haridwar parents claimed to have put money into their son’s schooling. They had to take out a loan to construct their home and are now bankrupt. As reported by ANI, Sanjeev R Prasad and Sadhana Prasad told a court in Uttarakhand on Wednesday,

“We just wanted a grandchild.”

After paying for his son’s education and training in America, Prasad claims he has no money left. As quoted by ANI, he said,

“I gave my son all my money, got him trained in America. I don’t have any money now. We have taken a loan from bank to build home. We’re troubled financially and personally. We have demanded Rs 2.5 crore each from both my son and daughter-in-law in our petition.”

He added,

“We got them married in 2016 in the hopes of having grandchildren. We didn’t care about gender, we just wanted a grandchild.”

According to the Times of India, the Rs 5 crore compensation they are seeking includes the expense of a five-star wedding event, an $80,000 luxury automobile, and paying for the couple’s vacation overseas. The parents also paid $65,000 to have their son trained as a pilot in the United States, only to have him return to India jobless, according to the newspaper.

According to sources, Sanjeev Prasad and Sadhana Prasad’s son Shrey Sagar married Shubhangi in 2016. The couple travelled to Thailand for their honeymoon.

Sadhana Prasad said,

“We did everything for our child. We raised him in the best possible manner. We spent Rs 35 lakhs and sent him to the USA for his pilot training course, and spent extra Rs 20 lakhs for his posh lifestyle. Also, we bought an Audi car for him and his wife. The car cost us a loan worth Rs 65 lakhs. We got him married in 2016 so that he could continue our family name. But it’s been six years and they are not fulfilling our wish.”

The elderly couple said in their petition,

“We also had to take a loan to build our house and now we are going through a lot of financial hardships. Mentally too we are quite disturbed because we are living alone.”

In this case, the parents’ lawyer is Advocate AK Srivastava. He told ANI,

“This case portrays the truth of society. We invest in our children, and make them capable of working in good firms. Children owe their parents basic financial care. The parents have demanded either a grandchild within a year or compensation of Rs 5 crores.”

While some people backed the elderly couple’s complaint, others criticised them for putting pressure on their son and daughter-in-law. On social media, many people expressed their opinion on this case. One user wrote,

While another user pointed out,

Another user went on to write,

What’s your take on this case?

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R. Madhavan Honest Reply After Being Trolled For Saying ‘ISRO Used Panchang For Mars Mission’



R. Madhavan Honest Reply After Being Trolled For Saying ‘ISRO Used Panchang For Mars Mission’

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, a forthcoming pan-Indian movie, a directorial debut by R Madhavan, is presently scheduled for release.

Speaking about the movie, since the beginning, it has been one of the talked-about topics throughout the world. One of the most talked-about movies at the Cannes Film Festival was the historical drama based on the life of Nambi Narayanan, who was ISRO’s former genius scientist and aerospace engineer. He was accused of spying but after battling a long legal fight, he gets the clean chit.

A formidable ensemble cast, comprising renowned foreign performers like Phyllis Logan, Vincent Riotta, and Ron Donachie as well as special cameos by superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya, makes up the movie, which stars Madhavan in the titular character of Nambi Narayanan. The film also has Rajit Kapur, Simran, Misha Ghoshal, Ravi Raghavendra, Muralidaran, Shyam Renganathan, and Karthik Kumar.

Rocketry The Nambi Effect

R. Madhavan started the film’s promotional campaign and everything was going well but soon something went unusual when Madhavan’s comments on ISRO employing Panchang for the Mars Orbiter Mission. His comments went viral on various social media platforms and made lots of noise.

R. Madhavan controversial statement

In his interview in Telugu, as per TM Krishna’s translation, he said,

“Indian rockets did not have the three engines (solid, liquid and cryogenic) that helps western rockets propel themselves into Mars’ orbit. Since India lacked this… used information in the Panchangam.”

“It has the celestial map with all information on various planets, gravitation pulls, sun’s flares deflection etc., all calculated perfectly 1000s of years ago and hence the micro-second the launch was calculated using this info. The rocket was launched, it went around the earth, moon and Jupiter’s moon and ricochet like a play thing and put into Mar’s orbit”.


Here’s what he said:

The Rocketry actor’s remarks have angered internet users, especially R Madhavan’s devoted followers, who allege that he has now transitioned from being a “Chocolate Boy” to a “WhatsApp Uncle.”

As one user said,

While another user said,

But now Madhavan has reacted to all this by accepting his mistake in a tweet which said,

“I deserve this for calling the Almanac the “Panchang” in tamil. Very ignorant of me.❤️Though this cannot take away for the fact that what was achieved with just 2 engines by us in the Mars Mission. A record by itself. @NambiNOfficial. Vikas engine is a rockstar.”

Watch Rocketry trailer below

On July 1, 2022, the movie will be released in six different languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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Ex-Commando Angry Reply To Anand Mahindra For His Offer On Agnipath Scheme



Ex-Commando Angry Reply To Anand Mahindra For His Offer On Agnipath Scheme

A few days after the central government launched the Agnipath Yojana, candidates blocked train and road traffic in a number of locations in India. Let me tell you that the plan calls for hiring army soldiers on a contractual basis for a four-year period, with the majority of them being compelled into early retirement without pay or pension benefits.

Demonstrators highlighted concerns over pensions and job security during protests against the Agnipath recruiting plan that broke out in a number of states, including Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana. Huge crowds of demonstrators chanted anti-Agnipath Yojana chants as they filled the streets.

To oppose the plan, many individuals burned tires and held posters. By highlighting the scheme’s condition that just 25% of personnel were recruited to serve for the whole duration, the demonstrators, who organized a protest against the Center, raised questions about the future and their services.

Agneepath protest

Anand Mahindra on Agnipath Yojana

Not only aspirants but also many ex-servicemen are also opposing this scheme for a variety of reasons. In the midst of this, billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra also said that his company will be hiring Agniveers. An ex-commando and 26/11 hero, however, has some reservations about Anand Mahindra’s assertion.

What does he say?

Quoting Anand Mahindra’s Tweet on the Agnipath scheme, former commando Praveen Kumar Teotia tweeted,

“I’m still unemployed after 15 years of Service. Even I saved 185 lives in Taj including @gautam_adani during 26/11. What job are you going to provide me in your Group.
@anandmahindra. Many like me still unemployed after 15 years of Service but you never provide anything to them.”

 In another tweet, he wrote,

“Now everyone will watch silently as an open audience. No one will get any answer. Everyone will calm down and become a spectator as usual. Because @anandmahindra @gautam_adani @narendramodi no one has answer to my questions. The country will not be able to return even 1% of what I have done for the country.”

Since then, his tweets went viral and he has been getting a lot of support and love from all parts of the country. Lots of people are now also debating about Anand Mahindra’s intentions behind his step.

Who is Praveen Teotia?

In the Taj terror attack on November 26, Praveen Kumar Teotia, an ex-member of the Marine Commando Force (MARCOS), claimed to have saved 185 lives, among them billionaire Gautam Adani’s. He took four gunshots during the 26/11 terror strikes in order to protect innocent bystanders at the Taj Hotel.

Right instantly, one bullet struck his chest, damaging four ribs and his right lung. The wall of his heart was injured by another bullet that struck his protective collar.

The Navy officer spent 19 days in the hospital after the attacks to recover. Later, he was discharged from the Navy Force, which had an impact on his pay. According to medical research, Teotia is the only lung injury survivor in the entire globe whose recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Commando Praveen Kumar Teotia

In April 2018 in South Africa, he took first place in the renowned Ironman Triathlon Championship. 3.86km of swimming, 180.25km of biking, and 42.2km of running were all included it. In addition, it took him 14 hours, 19 minutes, and 38 seconds to finish the event.

Praveen also won the 72-kilometre Khardung La Challenge, which is regarded as the world’s toughest marathon. He is also regarded as India’s first specially-abled IRONMAN and a recipient of the Shaurya Chakra.

Praveen Teotia

What do you think about what Praveen said?

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Does ‘Srivalli’ Gets Killed In ‘Pushpa 2’? Here’s What We Know About It



Does ‘Srivalli’ Gets Killed In ‘Pushpa 2’? Here’s What We Know About It

Despite being released during the COVID-19 pandemic, Allu Arjun’s movie Pushpa: The Rise dominated the box office. This movie was well-received everywhere in the nation, whether South or North. Following intense popular demand, it was also made available on OTT.

Pushpa: The Rise brought in more than 300 crores at the movie office. You might be astonished to learn that Allu Arjun plays the lead role in Pushpa: The Rise, the first Pan-Indian movie. Each song and line in Sukumar’s film Pushpa, which was also his directorial debut, became hugely famous.

For the uninitiated, the movie was centred on red sandalwood smuggling and was shot in the Maredumilli woods. Red sandalwood is a rare wood that only grows in the Seshachalam Hills of the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh.

pushpa jhukega nahi sala

While Arjun is excelling professionally, his fans are going bonkers about his role as Pushpa in the film, but Rashmika Mandanna has made a different kind of impression on everyone. It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that Rashmika Mandanna acting in the movie is worth billions.

Let me tell you that Rashmika Mandanna played Allu Arjun’s love interest in the movie. As a Srivalli in the movie, Rashmika holds a lot of importance. She is so important to the whole plot that even a whole song is made about her.

Now Pushpa 2 is going to release soon as 80% of its theoretical work is done, lots of rumours and alleged spoilers are already floating on the internet and out of all rumours, the rumour about Srivalli’s death is the most talked-about rumour in the industry.

pushpa Srivalli

Is Srivalli going to die in Pushpa 2?

Pushpa 2 will begin filming in August under the direction of Sukumar. The Pushpa sequel, starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, is yet to be released. Since Pushpa 2’s announcement, various online users have made predictions about what will happen in the follow-up.

There is widespread speculation that the antagonistic relationship between Pushpa and Bhanwar Singh, as well as Srivalli, will be the main subject of the blockbuster movie’s second half.

It’s hardly surprising that rumours are swirling that Srivalli would pass away in the sequel given that she is the major focus of the movie Pusha after Pushpa Raj and fans have been wondering about her death.

bhanwar singh shekhawat - Pushpa

Rumour is that Srivalli, played by Rashmika Mandanna, would pass away in the sequel, leaving Pushpa, played by Allu Arjun, furious and utterly devastated. It is impossible to predict if Sukumar will also include this side of the tale, though. It’s pretty cliche for villains to kill or abduct the main character’s love interest in order to get revenge on them.

The tired trope of villains killing the heroine to exact vengeance on the hero is no longer sufficient to hook the audience up. Despite the element’s dated character, KGF 2 made flawless use of it thanks to Prashanth Neel’s great talent for constructing grandiose scenes.

Pushpa Raj was humiliated and called a bastard by his opponents in the first part so that spectators should empathize with the smuggler-hero. It will seem repetitious if the same idea is reiterated through the second part’s heroine’s demise.

Sukumar is still on his journey, finishing up the script for Pushpa 2 before production gets underway in August.

Srivalli gets killed in Pushpa 2

Also read: 5 Actors Who Rejected Roles In ‘Pushpa’ And Would Now Be Regretting

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