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Ashneer Grover Reveals In His Book Doglapan How Kiara Advani Almost Got Him Divorced



Kiara Advani Ashneer Grover Doglapan

Kiara Advani Ashneer Grover Doglapan

Ashneer Grover has become a household name after the massive success of Shark Tank India Season one. He became a fan favourite on that show in no time. But unfortunately, he did not return for the second season which recently got released for some unspecified reasons. When asked about the reason, in a recent interview, he told that since he was the one who ‘dominated’ the show in Season 1, it would be unfair if he continues to steal the limelight in the second season too.

The former Shark Tank India personality Ashneer Grover also recently released a book named Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups. He has been teasing a story in his recent promotional interviews for Doglapan regarding a Bollywood actress who almost got him ‘divorced’. He didn’t provide any more detail or reveal the actor’s name. He said to know more about the incident people will have to read his book.

Doglapan has a chapter titled ‘How Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced’

Just as Ashneer promised, there is a chapter in his book Doglapan titled ‘When Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced’. In the chapter, Ashneer recalled a story of meeting one of his fellow founder friends at his office. He told that he and his wife Madhuri, in a casual conversation, asked his friend if he was tying the knot soon.

Kiara Advani Bijli
Kiara Advani/Instagram

His friend had replied,

Kisi movie star se baat chal rahi hai

On probing further Ashneer discovered that his friend had engaged the services of a matchmaker or in Ashneer’s words,

“Seema Aunty kind of matchmaker who specialised in Bollywood alliances.”

The Shark Tank then continued,

“When I asked him who his options were, he mentioned Kiara Advani as an eligible match.”

After recalling what his mother recently told him regarding he has grown a bit too big for his shoes, Ashneer quipped,

“Aap ko pata nahi hai market mein aaj kal kya chal raha hai. Aaj ke din shaadi ho rahi hoti na toh Kiara Advani ka rishta aata aapke bete ke liye”

According to Ashneer,

“Madhuri’s face fell on hearing this—she did not find the conversation funny at all. I could see an instant change in her body language. We were to travel to Mumbai for the shoot that night. On the aircraft, Madhuri sat tightlipped and wouldn’t speak to me, until they served food and I nagged her to eat it. It was as if a sudden dam had burst. ‘Tumhe Kiara Advani se shaadi karni hai ?’ she raged, beginning to take off her jewellery.”

Ashneer Grover with wife Madhuri
Ashneer Grover/Instagram

Apparently, the shark tank ex-judge was totally ‘caught off guard’

He was ‘blasted’ by his wife for a good 30 minutes, about how he was a complete nobody when she married him. She also dragged up the matter that Ashneer only agreed to do Shark Tank because she asked him to.

Ashneer grover shark tank

Ashneer wrote,

“Through this tirade I sat with my hands held out, holding her jewellery, which she had unceremoniously dumped on me. From the corner of my eye, I could see an old gentleman who had his headphones on to watch a Netflix movie take them off to listen in on the live movie playing out on the aircraft.”

His fellow ‘sharks’ used this story for pulling his legs after knowing about that incident. Also, Kiara is reportedly ready to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra very soon.

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Adult Film Played On Patna Junction And Internet Is Full Of Memes



Patna Junction adult film Memes

Patna Junction adult film Memes

The bizarre incident of pornographic film played on the TV screens installed for showing advertisements at the Patna railway station on Sunday has sparked a meme fest on the microblogging site Twitter. The adult film video was played for close to 3 minutes on the LED screens installed at all the platforms of the railway station.

Many people at the station recorded the incident and shared it on Twitter. As soon the video was shared it went viral and the microblogging site started buzzing with trending hashtags #Patna, #PatnaJunction, and #PatnaRailwayStation. Twitterati also poked fun at the incident by sharing memes and jokes on the incident.

Below are some of the memes that are trending on Twitter:






















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Adult Actress Responds To The Incident Of The Video Played At Patna Railway Station



patna junction Kendra Lust

patna junction Kendra Lust

Railway stations have become quite weird places they are public places which were often crowded with a large number of people passing through them every day. While becoming more and more advanced day by day, Railway stations have also become vulnerable to hacking or hijacking.

Modern railway stations often use large digital screens to display information and advertisements. While this may sound so normal, the recent incident may change your thoughts about it.

In a bizarre incident that shocked the residents of Patna, a pornographic movie was played on a large screen at Patna Junction railway station for a full three minutes. The incident has caused a public uproar, with many people expressing outrage over the inappropriate content displayed on the screen.

Railway reacted to the incident

Nevertheless, despite the fact that netizens took this incident as an opportunity to make memes on social media, the railway authorities swiftly responded to this situation by taking action against the agency responsible for the display.

They filed two First Information Reports (FIRs) against the agency responsible for screens, terminated their contract, and blacklisted them from future collaborations. Additionally, the railway service issued a tweet to inform the public of their prompt actions.

While replying to one netizen, the official Twitter account of Railways wrote in Hindi:

“Taking cognizance of the incident at Patna Junction, East Central Railway has taken prompt action and registered 2 FIRs against the concerned agency. Also, the agency has been terminated and blacklisted.”

Porn star reacted to the bizarre incident

After the incident at Patna Junction railway station where a pornographic movie was played on a large screen, several individuals took to social media to comment on the matter. One of the notable individuals was Kendra Lust, an adult film actress.

She posted a photo of herself on Twitter with the caption “India” and the hashtag “Bihar Railway Station.” Have a look at her tweet:

Kendra Lust
Kendra Lust/Twitter

Her tweet quickly gained traction, going viral and attracting attention from people all over the world. Among the many comments on Kendra Lust’s tweet about the incident at Patna Junction railway station, one stood out. A user commented, alleging that it was Kendra’s video that was played on the large screen. To this, Kendra responded with a somewhat ambiguous reply, stating, “I hope, lol.”

Have a look at the conversation:

Kendra also reacted to several other funny memes that Indian netizens made on the situation.

However, the incident has sparked a debate on the security measures in place at railway stations and the need for greater vigilance to prevent such incidents from happening.

What do you think about this incident?

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Shruti Haasan’s Savage Reply To A Netizen Questioning About Her Virginity Went Viral



Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan's Savage Reply To A Netizen Questioning About Her Virginity Went Viral

Shruti Haasan, an actress and musician with many talents, is well-known in the Indian entertainment sector. Being born as the daughter of legendary actor Kamal Haasan and notable actress Sarika Thakur, she has inherited her ability and enthusiasm for the arts from her parents and has built out a great career for herself in the profession.

The popular actress has appeared in several films in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi after debuting as a child artist in her father’s films.

Apart from this, she is also known for her active presence on social media, where she engages with her fans and followers. During her recent chat session, she also responded to questions about her personal life, including her first crush (Bruce Lee), her lip size, and loads of questions related to her present boyfriend, Santanu Hazarika.


However, one question left everyone in disgust. One netizen inquired about Shruti Haasan’s virginity. Nevertheless, she is not someone who would shy away from these kinds of questions, so, she gives the reply to him.

So, let’s find out what happened:

Netizens inquired about Shruti Haasan’s virginity

Actress Shruti Haasan was recently targeted with a derogatory question about her virginity during a Q&A session on Instagram. One user asked her,

Are You Verjain

Shruti Hasaan instagram

In response, the actress delivered a sharp comeback

Correcting the spelling of the word “virgin” and suggesting that the follower learn to spell properly before being a “weirdo and creep.” In a reply video, she said,

Spelling mate, Spelling, If you want to be a wierdo and creep, learn to spell first

Take a look at this video:

Nevertheless, Shruti Haasan’s quirky and befitting response gets a lot of attention on social media with people praising her for being straightforward and not being too rude at the same time.

Shruti Haasan reacted to her marriage rumors

In addition, Shruti Haasan responded to a story that said she married her longtime partner Santanu. Via her official Twitter account, the actress dismissed the rumor, claiming that India Today’s article was nothing more than clickbait.

For the uninitiated, leading media outlets have been citing a purported remark made by Santanu in which he allegedly claimed to have previously married Shruti. The Doodle artist responded that he had already “creatively” married the actress when asked whether he was considering taking their relationship to the next level. He said,

We are already married creatively. This shows how strong our bond is. We are creative people who love to do creative things together. That is very important for us. When it comes to marriage, I don’t know about that. Let’s see how things go.


What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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