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Kartik Aaryan’s Gives Funny Reply To Fan When Asked Why He Didn’t Travel By Business Class



Kartik Aaryan’s Gives Funny Reply To Fan When Asked Why He Didn’t Travel By Business Class

Kartik Aaryan made his feature debut with the 2011 film Pyaar Ka Punchnama, which was well received by viewers. Following that, the actor appeared in a number of additional films and continued to take on increasingly challenging parts.

He appeared in a number of films, including Akaash Vani (2013), Kaanchi: The Unbreakable (2014), Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015), Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018), and others. He also has a large social media following, where he posts several images of himself. Apart from that, he has occasionally made headlines for his down-to-earth approach. And one of the most examples of that was when he was travelling in business class.

Kartik Aaryan and his entire crew are ecstatic to bring the hit Bhool Bhulaiyaa, starring Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan, back to the big screen. In Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, the actor will play the lead role with Kiara Advani, Tabu, and Rajpal Yadav.

The sequel of the blockbuster is just weeks away from entering theatres, and Kartik is busy promoting the horror comedy all across the nation. He has been providing regular updates on the film and events surrounding it. The actor even uploaded a video from the Chandigarh premiere of the title track.

Kartik Aaryan recent Instagram post from the promotional tour has gotten a lot of attention because he was shown flying in economy class

Kartik Aaryan was on his way to Chandigarh to promote Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 when he posted this Instagram reel to show followers his journey. Kartik checked the timetable on an Indigo flight on his route to Chandigarh, he went through the Chandigarh airport, and the introduction of the Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 title track and other scenes from his promotional trip was included in the reel. The actor captioned the reel,

One of his admirers commented on his post, asking why Kartik picked economy over business class, which is usually the preferred mode of travel for celebrities.

Kartik Aryan flight business flight

In response, Kartik Aaryan responded with a humorous remark about how pricey the ticket was. The actor said,

Ticket mehengi thi

Kartik Aryan flight business flight reply

Needless to say, following his reaction, the tweet quickly went viral, with followers praising the actor for his down to earth attitude and lack of arrogance. They even made comparisons to other Bollywood stars, while some praised him for travelling with his crew.

Kartik Aryan flight business flight troll

One of the fans remarked,

“I really appreciate that you choose to travel with your teammates. It doesn’t matter what was the situation or management. It is best to travel with people and manage your work and time. I don’t know why people bother so much, being a public figure doesn’t mean to point out everything. We have to just appreciate work and efforts.”

The trailer for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was just released with considerable acclaim. With the exception of a few parallels to the 2007 smash horror-comedy, the film includes an entirely different cast of Tabu and Kiara Advani and a completely different premise. The original was, in reality, a remake of the Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu (1993), which starred Shobana and Mohanlal. The sequel to Bhool Bhulaiyaa will be released on May 20, 2022.

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9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Foreigners



9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Foreigners

Despite having a progressive mindset, marriage remains the most difficult decision to make since it is one of the most crucial and life-changing decisions we will ever make. Weddings are about more than just festivities, customs, and love. It is the act of integrating two persons; it is the union of two souls into one, and it is a relationship that has no rivals in this world.

Marriage is a highly powerful partnership that offers two people a link that they much wanted. Marriage is a life-long commitment that you may not realise the importance of until you are married.

This holy link provides you with not just a life partner, but also another family member whom you can entirely trust. Marriage transforms your commitment into a team effort in which both spouses are the primary players and collaborate to achieve their objectives.

Marriage provides several advantages for both you and others around you. It promotes social cohesion and even contributes financially to society. It also helps both partners’ families and establishes a new link between them. But what if marriage is about bringing two distinct nationalities together?

While many individuals choose to marry within their own group, others seek love overseas since we all know that love is blind, and lovers are indifferent about religion, caste, creed, or place of birth, which is why these Indian celebrities sought love abroad. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not the plot of the film. It really does happen. Things are different, though, when celebrities fall in love with a foreigner. However, one element remains consistent in every marriage: love.

So, let’s look at some Bollywood celebs that found their life partners from other countries:

1. Radhika Apte

In 2012, Radhika Apte married British musician Benedict Taylor. In a talk with actor Vikrant Massey, she joked that she had never believed in marriage and only wanted to live with Taylor. And they married to make things simpler because it was easier to obtain a visa after that. As she said,

“I am not a big marriage person, I don’t believe in the institution. I got married because my visa was really a problem and we wanted to live together. I think that’s not fair.”

Radhika Apte husband Benedict Taylor

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2. Shriya Saran

In 2018, actress Shriya Saran married Andrei Koscheev, a Russian tennis player and businessman. The pair met while diving in the Maldives and quickly fell in love. While talking with Bombay Times, she said,

“We first met while I had gone diving in the Maldives. He didn’t even know who I was when we first met. It was only later that he found out I’m an actress. A few months after we met, he asked me, ‘Do you have a movie online?’ and I said, ‘Yes I do’. So then, he went ahead and watched it. That was sweet.”

Shriya Saran husband Andrei Koscheev
Shriya Saran/Instagram

3. Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly married Peter Haag, an Austrian entrepreneur and hotelier, in 2011, and the former Miss India reportedly knew she would marry him from the minute they met. Talking with iDiva,

“I met Peter for the first time in Dubai… There was an intense recognition in a part of me when I first saw Peter. Actually we did not speak anything to each other but I just knew from the moment he walked in that he was my husband even though we had never met before.”

Bollywood Celebs Who Married Foreigners- Celina Jaitly husband Peter Haag
Celina Jaitly/Instagram

4. Preity Zinta

In 2016, Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough, her longtime lover. They initially met in Los Angeles, she confessed during a Facebook live chat. She said,

“I met him in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. Then we dated for five years and we finally got married.”

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preity zinta husband Gene Goodenough
Preity G Zinta/Instagram

5. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas chose to marry in 2018 after a long romance. In 2017, they were each other’s Met Gala dates, and a year later, they married. Sounds like a dream? But it’s a reality. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Priyanka Chopra said,

“Yeah, we were on the same table and we already know each other. So he was like ‘Hey, you wanna go together (to the Met Gala)?’”

priyanka chopra nick jonas
Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

6. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, who is of Indian descent, married Daniel Webber in 2011 following a long relationship. Since then, they’ve been blissfully married. Talking with Humans Of Bombay, Sunny Leone said,

“We met through Daniel’s band mate at a club in Vegas. He says it was love at first sight, not for me though, because all we did was make small talk–there weren’t any floating hearts or violins. But somehow he got my number & email ID. What I liked is that he didn’t call me, but emailed me instead–that’s how we began talking.”

Recommended read: An Interesting Love Story Of Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber And Why The Couple Married Each Other

sunny leone love life
Sunny Leone/Instagram

7. Purab Kohli

In 2018, Purab Kohli married Lucy Payton, his live-in girlfriend in the United Kingdom. Inaya, 6, and Osian, 3, are their two gorgeous children. While talking with Hindustan Times, Purab Kohli said,

“We always wanted to get married, but didn’t want to rush into it. When Inaya was going to come into this world, it was a glorious moment by itself, and we didn’t want to dilute that by suddenly rushing into marriage. We had always planned that we will wait for the right time and the frame of mind, to get settled.”

Purab Kohli wife Lucy Payton

8. Aashka Goradia

Brent Goble and television star Aashka Goradia married in 2017. They met for the first time in Las Vegas and quickly came close. While talking with Humans Of Bombay, she said,

“2 years ago, she decided to fly down to Vegas… When she walked in, I saw her & I just had to approach her. But when I did, she was cautious & cold. So, I kept on talking to her friend until she realised how approachable I was. I guess she couldn’t resist! At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers. Then she had to leave- it was one of those long goodbyes that just keeps you wanting more.”

Aashka Goradia husband Brent Goble
Aashka Goradia/Instagram

9. Suchitra Pillai

In 2005, Suchitra Pillai married Lars Kjeldsen, an environmental engineer from Denmark. The two had met at a mutual friend’s home party and had supposedly linked right away. While talking with iDiva, she said,

“We met through common friends in Mumbai. Both of us were just out of relationships back then. We met at a house party and were playing Jenga. I remember the first thing Lars told me was this, ‘There’s no way that is going to fall, I am an engineer!’ To which I replied, ‘It’s not going to fall because of me either, because I am an engineer too.’”

Suchitra Pillai husband Lars Kjeldsen
Suchitra Pillai/Instagram

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PR Spills Some Mind-Blowing Bollywood Secrets In A Reddit AMA



PR Spills Some Mind-Blowing Bollywood Secrets In A Reddit AMA

When we think about Bollywood, the very first thing that springs immediately to our mind is the sparkle, glamour, and opulence of the stars’ lifestyles. It happened not only when they are working but also w When they aren’t filming or promoting goods. At that time, we see them at their most stylish, getting out of expensive automobiles or into their idyllic houses, enjoying beautiful lives.

However, it is all because of their clean and charming image. That’s why maintaining a spotless public image that is motivating and impactful is as vital to the industry’s top stars as obtaining the greatest advice on where to invest their next few crores, because they had a direct influence on us.

Since the advent of social media, we’ve been curious about Bollywood and celebrity behind-the-scenes stories. But did you realise that celebrities’ life and how they are displayed are meticulously planned by a team?

bollywood actor PR

There’s massive machinery working behind the scenes 24 hours a day, seven days a week to establish and sustain an actor’s public impression and image. The next thing that comes to mind is, “Who did this?” Professionals in public relations are the answer!

They are the masterminds behind the exquisitely produced persona of Bollywood celebrities. However, PR experts learned some unique and intriguing things about their customers while doing so.

A Bollywood PR recently revealed how much work it takes to maintain a celebrity’s image, especially now that everyone is seeing them owing to free internet. A social media manager from a public relations firm for actors and celebrities held an AMA on Reddit, and some of the comments startled us.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. When asked about Sara Ali Khan’s enormous popularity and whether it is crafted

“All I have to say is that I shall take that as a compliment. She has the most carefully crafted image in recent history.”

Sara Ali Khan Bikini
Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

2. When asked if PR specialists are honest with the celebrities they handle

“No, because stars often spin the whole story the other way around, and this leads to our agency collapsing. It happened with an ex rival. For the most part, they listen to constructive criticism, and some even can’t function without PR. They know that even though they have such a large following, we can shape their perception. Some might be delusional, and we have to do what they say. Because in the end, we do care about money and goodwill. We advice the celebs who are humble enough to listen, and essentially become yes men to the ones who don’t.”

3. When asked about fan accounts, and assuming that the majority of them are paid

“Aside from a few paid accounts, most of them are genuine fan accounts. We do give positive news stories and fake likes or comments, but we haven’t really made a lot of fake fan clubs. It’s usually when the actors are at their earlier stages that we pop up a few fake ones. A few actors are against that, a few love the idea. We don’t take hate too seriously, and from research and experience, negative publicity is the last to affect die hard fans. A surprising thing to know for you might be that a lot of hate at times is faked so that the celebrity can speak up about it. We have seen rival PR agencies go to the extent of fake trolling a celeb.”

bollywood fans

4. When asked to name an actor whose career was hurt by a lack of publicity

“Aditya Roy Kapur had the looks, craze, and money to strike while the iron was hot. Having personally met the guy though, I could tell he doesn’t desire that level of fame.”

Aditya Roy Kapur
Aditya Roy Kapur/Instagram

5. When asked regarding PR agency competition

“Oh, it gets ugly. It’s fierce because we often have rivals as clients. Every Goodwill one celeb earns makes the other insecure. Which leads to either them being more aggressive with their PR or making the public feel sympathetic. We all know that a celeb leaving our agency is disastrous too, so we do everything we can to make sure they don’t. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”

6. Having an active PR staff on actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui

“Almost everyone has a PR, but the actors you mentioned have a very mild one. Nawazuddin uses a lot of PR help whenever he gets negative publicity of any kind. Pankaj Tripathi is like a caring uncle, he is the kind of guy who hugs you after you work for him, tells ‘beta tum hamari problem ko mitane ki koshish karte ho, tumko koi problem ho toh befikar aana.’ Wholesome person.”

Pankaj Tripathi Movies

7. When questioned about the public relations budgets of moderately successful actors

“PR budget really depends a lot. A few celebs give upwards of 10 crore per year, but most are in the vicinity of 1-2 crore. A lot of them give a lot of gifts if everything goes well, so that’s there. I got 2 brand new iPhones and an iPad Pro this year.”

Bollywood PR

8. When asked if public relations firms aim to sway movie critics

“The thing is, it can easily backfire on the celeb, it’s a huge risk. Our agency doesn’t indulge in such activities. We do try to bring positive buzz on social media, but our Agency is mainly responsible for maintaining a celeb’s life off-screen. I know a lot of other PR agencies that use innovative ways to even get one positive review. A few celebs often keep both agencies. Ours is renowned for managing off screen personas.”

9. On actors getting themselves into trouble and the damage management that follows

“Well that often doesn’t come into our domain, if the issue is public though, we either tell the celeb to ignore it or pen down an apology. Most celebrities are too arrogant to take blame, so we can only do so much. If it’s a small issue, we usually bury it before it goes viral, and that mostly works.”

Gauhar Khan Slap incident

10. In terms of interviews and whether or not performers are tutored for them

“It’s quite a known practise to integrate a few questions that showcase a celeb’s positive aspects during interviews, it’s a common practise. A few celebs are super particular about their media image though, and let us screen the whole interview before the final editing. Written interviews for some celebs are coached, we write their answers sometimes. If it’s an airhead, we just pray that they don’t screw over too bad. We can only do so much.”

koffee with karan Abhishek Aish

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10 Times Ashneer Grover Got Angry on Shark Tank India



10 Times Ashneer Grover Got Angry on Shark Tank India

Thousands of thriving firms have sprung up throughout India. Individuals from all around the country are coming up with innovative, out-of-the-box concepts that are changing the world. In addition, the famous show Shark Tank India has fueled the hopes of aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. After a phenomenal first season that captivated the whole country, the producers announced Shark Tank Season 2 and published the first trailer.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows how popular Shark Tank India has become in such a short period of time. The show has acted as a catalyst for change in India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The first edition of Shark Tank India featured 7 self-made multi-millionaires from India who put their money into fantastic enterprises while also holding a significant amount of stock.

Let me tell you the names of judges who appeared with the title of “sharks” on the show. The show features BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover, Boat co-founder Aman Gupta, Emcure executive director Namita Thapar, People Group founder Anupam Mittal, Lenskart co-founder Peyush Bansal, Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh, and Sugar cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh.

shark tank india judges

But among all, BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover is the one who made the most headlines and got a lot of attention. He recently resigns from his firm following a long battle with his associates.

But on the show, Ashneer Grover’s raging temper has always sparked debate among internet users. All of the social media sites are saturated with memes about Ashneer Grover’s angry outbursts on Shark Tank India, whether it’s Reddit, Instagram, or Twitter. We’ve included some of clips from the show where Ashneer lost his cool.

So, find out more about them:

1. When he said, “Ye sab doglapan hai. Mai tera doglapana utarta hoon.”

Ye sab pagalpan hai Ashneer grover

2. When he took a dig at a contestant by saying, “Bhai tu founder hai ya tu help maangne aaya hai?”

3. When he gets so much angry on product, he said, “Isse wahiyat product naa maine zindagi mein kabhi dekha hai naa mai dekhna chahta hoon. Mereko bhagwaan utha le itna ganda product hai ye.”

4. When he trolls a contestant, saying, “Apni problem hi nahi solve kar paa raha hai tu dusro ki problems kya solve karega…Bhai tu pehle naukri dhundh. Tereko samajhna padega ki dhandha hota kaise hai.”

5. When he sarcastically took a shot at contestant’s product, saying, “Ye aadha design mujhe Janpath ka lag raha hai. Aadha Rajouri ho gaya. Thoda sa Sarojini utha lo. Thoda GK ho gaya. Aapne 4 patriwalo se utha ke ye saman rakh diya…”

6. When he said, “Ab mai bolta hoon taaki tum chane ki jhaad pe mat chadh jao ek offer ke baad – tu band kar de! Tum sab apni zindagi barbad kar rahe ho… Mera khoon khaul raha hai ki tumne 3 degreeya waste ki hui hai.”

7. When he said, “Humko naa angrezi samajh aati hai naa jargon samajh aati hai.”

8. When he crossed all limits, saying, “Mereko gedi maarni hai toh mai tere isme (metaverse) kyun gedi maarunga.”

9. When he indirectly criticized the contestant for taking a long time, saying, “Kya bana raha hai tu ye? Nehru Place ki patri pe milta hai ye ₹15 ka. Tune kisi ki seat barbad kari hai Germany ki University pe. Tu apni degree waste kar raha hai.”

10. When he trashes contestant’s fashion product, saying, “Bahot hi ganda fashion hai ye. Mereko lagta hai aap band kar do. Aap kyun apna time waste kar rahe ho?”

People were outraged by Ashneer Grover’s nasty words at first. Except for a few, people are understanding that there is sound advice behind the furious remarks as the show progresses.

What are your thoughts on Ashneer’s rants?

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